Song Fight

Indian tamil movie songs involving fights are the rare songs that goes along with movie story and supports the outcome of it. The history of song fight goes back from the year 1958[1]. This type of songs visuals usually portraiting the fight between Hero-Heroin or Hero-Villain or Heroins (Two heroins). There is song-dance-fight which is very famous in olden days, starts with the saying "Shabhash, sariyana potti!" which means "Bravo, an excellent competition!".

Songs involving this rivalry are very famous because it has the potential to give/make thril, smile and laugh for the audience entertainment.

Findout more and enjoy the fights listed below.

[1] - As per our record.


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Movie Name: Thiruvilaiyadal
Year: 1965
Lyricist(s): Kannadasan
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Movie Name: Vivegam
Year: 2017
Lyricist(s): Siva