Is Kis Kifa Lyrics

Is Kis Kifa Lyrics


Is Kis Kifa Lyrics

Mamae Luni Yaalae Ja
Naenar Luni Keech Drrr
Kanija Tiri Kle Susini Raa Ja
Seele Ree Va Daamini

Naanaani Tta Naa Ya
Nim Kooveni Min Ya Faqwe
Is Kis Kifa Is Kis Kifa
Is Kis Kifa Is Kis Kifa Is Kis Kifa

Naasen Chafa Mosen Chaatu
Luni Ga Nimtta Cho
Sufism Chafa Thelisen Chatu
Lunni Ga Nimtta Cho

Kankasen Luni Mim Tta
Saalasen Luni Mim Taa
Min Muuvaa Haarsen
Min Muuvaa Vibisen

Is Kis Kifa Is Kis Kifa
Is Kis Kifa Is Kis Kifa Is Kis Kifa.


Madhan Karky Vairamuthu is an Indian lyricist, research associate, software engineer, and film dialogue writer. Madhan Karky is the eldest son of notable poet, lyricist Vairamuthu and Ponmani.. He was also an assistant professor of computer science at the College of Engineering, Guindy. Later he resigned from his teaching profession in Jan 2013 and became a full time lyricist, dialogue writer and part time researcher in Karky Research Foundation.

Madhan Karky is soon recognized as predominant lyricist from the very first as the debut movie lyrics for Enthiran hit. He's known for using technical terminology mixed lyrics that makes him unique and more likeable in the youngsters and tech nerds. Read more @wiki

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